Maddison and Scott Greenham started Country Cleaners in 2015. After Graduating from the University of Guelph, Maddi opened Country Cleaners part time while raising two beautiful girls. Before long Maddi had developed thorough and consistent cleaning routines based on client feedback and open communication. Client referrals then spead business far and wide, which lead to Scott joining the team. Scott has since introduced a variety of exciting new services related to his skill set. This unique dynamic provides clients with a full package clean, Scott focusing on exterior cleans and Maddi focusing on interior cleans. 

Christine Davis

Mandy Mitchell

Christine Davis is our Office Manager. She owned her own business at the beginning of her career while raising her kids. Since then she has always found herself filling leadership positions in whatever role she takes on. Based on her experiences she has a thorough understanding of the dedication, flexiblity and patience that is required to grow a family run company. She is eager to help out and ready to tackle any odd job we throw her way. We so excited to utilize Christine's strong, passionate and organized skill set as we grow Country Cleaners in the future.
Mandy was also a Graduate from the University of Guelph which makes her feel like an old friend!  She is currently in a development program, learning the ropes of managing her own crew. Mandy has a keen eye for detail due to her experience cleaning RV's for sale. Yet from what we have seen, this girl isn't afraid to get dirty or "Bait a hook" as her newly-wed husband told us over Christmas. We are so excited to have this productive, compassionate and well rounded woman on our team. 


Country Cleaners is a growing buisiness, we are always eager to meet new talent. If you are considering a career in home maintenance and have a strong entrepreneurial spirit we want to hear from you! Keys for success are a willingness to grow and change. We select people that can find the positive in any situation, people that work hard, handle criticism and are quick to communicate. We will support you in growing a lasting career and offer a living wage amongst many other 'work perks'. Please send Resume, Cover letter, Valid CPIC and References to Maddi at