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Basic Clean Package

For Commercial Clients and Rental Properties ...

Deep Clean Packages

The average household requires a basic clean every two weeks. With our basic clean package, it includes a full house mop and vacuum as well as a light dusting. We disinfect and clean your entire kitchen including a deep clean of all counterspace, a spot clean of all cabinets and appliances as well as wiping down the inside of your microwave. In the bathroom we wipe down and disinfect the whole toilet including the walls closest to the toilet as they get dirty the fastest. We remove all mold and mildew in your tub and make any glass look brand new! We then do a spot clean of the rest of the bathroom walls and cabinets. After building a close relationships with a client, we adjust this regular clean to include specific things such as spot cleaning "pet friendly areas" or throwing out trash. Whatever it is that makes your family unique, we can adapt!
When moving in or out of a house, it is a good idea to look into a deep clean by country cleaners! We can complete all of your deep clean taskes efficiently and with great detail. We clean windows, walls, baseboards, appliances (inside fridges and stoves), light fixtures even dirt on ceilings! We remove all mold and mildew from your bathroom and make sinks look like new! Typically on a deep clean we interview the client on the extent of the clean as it can be as thorough as a full house detailing. The hourly rate stays the same, however the time spent in the home completely depends on the in home quote.

Call today to find out what your "spring clean" could look like!

Country Cleaners offers high end, reliable cleaning to commercial clients. We offer monthly invoicing and maintain all the proper insurance and training to work safely in your place of business.

We also offer services to more rural rental properties such as cottages and waterfront properties without an inflation for travel time. We can change linens, do laundry,  restock toiletries and give your clients the high end hotel quality vacation they deserve. With this role we also offer gardening and property inspections for share holders that live out of town and can't be available to check the property themselves. This also includes being able to perform basic maintenance tasks that don't require a liscenced contractor such as changing lightbulbs and replacing lock systems etc.

Insurance and Bonding

What does it mean to use an insured and bonded cleaning company?

It means complete protection for you and your home or business. Our insurance protects you against any accidents caused by our cleaners. For example, if we mop a floor and someone slips, our insurance covers it, not you! Bonded insurance protects you against any theft or damage done by one of our cleaners. We only hire individuals who have passed a criminal record check and are then trained in the importance of client confidentiality. However, if anything were to happen in your home such as a china cabinet being knocked over or something going missing, our insurance covers it. This means you simply claim your loss rather than hiring a lawyer and fighting for coverage.

We also have WSIB for our cleaners so you can feel good about hiring cleaners that have full protection and employment insurance. We feel that a cleaner who is taken care of and given job security will work harder and be more committed to client needs.

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee that you will be happy with our services. This is why we have taken the extra step to get full insurance to make you feel more relaxed while we are in your home.

We accept all forms of payment including major Credit Cards, cheques, e-trasfers and cash.


"As someone who travels a lot for work, I love coming home for the weekend to a home that is clean and fresh...then I truly can enjoy my weekend. Maddi and her team do a great job and are professional in all ways! Would highly recommend them!" - Suzanne McGurn Tamworth Ont
"I have had the pleasure of having Country Cleaners come to my house to clean on several occasions. They did an amazing job cleaning my house from top to bottom. What a wonderful thing to return home from work when Country Cleaners have spent the day making your house shine."  
- Judy Elvidge-Skinner Elementary Program Consultant Limestone District School Board.